Yamhill Log Scaling and Grading Bureau Inc. (office located at 1833 Ash Street Forest Grove, OR) was formed as an Oregon nonprofit corporation on November 22, 1977. Yamhill Log Scaling provides log scaling services and reporting services to its members in the states of Oregon, and Washington.

Yamhill Log Scaling is controlled by a board of directors who are representatives of all sectors of the industry that buy and sell logs. There are 11 board members and representatives from the USFS, DNR, BLM, BIA and ODF. The Bureau manager serves as the secretary/treasurer for the board and also answers directly to them.

Yamhill Log Scaling is a member of the Northwest Log Rules Group (NWLRAG). All members of this group work to promote uniformity in scaling rules throughout the industry and work together to make one rule book.

Yamhill log scalers equally represent the buyer and seller in the application of this rule book.


Yamhill Log Scaling can provide these scaling needs:

Yamhill log scalers will provide the services of:

Yamhill Log Scaling has a log accounting and billing system available for its subscribers. The Bureau office can supply any report of inbound and outbound production in any format required. Yamhill Log Scaling has continually upgraded its computer hardware and software to give its members promt service and information tailored to their individual needs.

To maintain their cerification, Yamhill log scalers are check scaled (50,000 board feet or 10 loads/check scale) approximately six times a year. All Yamhill employees are non-union. Each employee regularly sign a code of ethics that is strictly enforced.